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Sexual Harassment in and around Organizations: A Broader Scope

    Sexual harassment has been a long existing problem in and around organizations. Despite the great amount of effort that governments, organizations, managers, and scholars have taken to combat sexual harassment, it remains a pervasive problem in the twenty-first century. This symposium seeks to add to our knowledge by offering new empirical and theoretical developments in sexual harassment research. The research presented will broaden the scope of sexual harassment research by highlighting understudied theoretical perspectives, broader definitions and conceptualization of sexual harassment, and a broader focus of actors involved in sexual harassment. We also hope to offer managers and organizations new practical insights into addressing sexual harassment more effectively. .

    • Sexual Harassment in Academia: Antecedents and Consequences from a Moral Lens

    • Presenter: Ann Tenbrunsel; U. of Notre Dame

    • Presenter: McKenzie Rees; Southern Methodist U.

    • Presenter: Kristina Diekmann; U. of Utah

    • Bystander Intervention in Same Sex Sexual Harassment

    • Presenter: Stephanie Brown; Texas A&M U.

    • Presenter: Ramona L Paetzold; Texas A&M U.

    • Presenter: Isaac Emmanuel Sabat; Texas A&M U., College Station

    • “Hireability” Prospects for Known Sexual Harassers and Interveners

    • Presenter: Anjier Chen; Pennsylvania State U.

    • Presenter: Linda K Trevino; Pennsylvania State U.

    • Stranger Harassment: The Spillover of Sexual Harassment from Public Spaces to Work

    • Presenter: Beth Ann Livingston; U. of Iowa

    • Presenter: Lynn Bowes-Sperry; Western New England U.

    • Presenter: Seung Whan Ryu; Tippie College of Business, U. of Iowa

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