Academy of Management Annual Meeting Proceedings includes abstracts of all papers and symposia presented at the annual conference, plus 6-page abridged versions of the “Best Papers” accepted for inclusion in the program (approximately 10%). Papers published in the Proceedings are abridged because presenting papers at their full length could preclude subsequent journal publication. Please contact the author(s) directly for the full papers.

The Unintended Moral Consequences of Passion, Proactivity, and Information Sharing

    Management scholars routinely advocate for passion, proactivity, and information sharing as ways to increase individual, team, and organizational performance. In this symposium, we gather leading and emerging researchers in the field of behavioral business ethics to consider the moral implications of these practices and recommendations. We contend that management scholars have advocated for these without fully considering their “moral costs.” In a series of papers, we demonstrate that passion, proactivity, and information sharing can have unexpected – and unintended – moral consequences. We explore the influence of these practices and recommendations on moral perceptions and moral decisions, and we consider the consequences of such for individuals, organizations, and societies. Taken together, our papers extend the emerging literature on the systematic side effects of traditional management practices and processes and offer important theoretical and empirical insights into moral decision making in organizations.

    • Blinded by Passion: Perceptions of Passion and Moral Expectations and Evaluations of Others

    • Presenter: Monica Gamez-Djokic; Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

    • Presenter: Maryam Kouchaki; Northwestern Kellogg School of Management

    • Where There is Light, There Must Be Shadow:The Impact of Proactivity on Immoral Behavior and Sleep

    • Presenter: Mona Mensmann; Warwick Business School

    • Presenter: Brian Gunia; Johns Hopkins U.

    • #Hypocrites! The Effect of Conflicting CSR Information From Internal and External Channels

    • Presenter: Lisa Lewin; Rutgers Business School

    • Presenter: Danielle E. Warren; Rutgers U.

    • Does Economics Education Make Us See Honesty as Costly?

    • Presenter: Madeline Ong; Hong Kong U. of Science and Technology

    • Presenter: Julia Lee; U. of Michigan

    • Presenter: Bidhan Parmar; U. of Virginia

    • Deadlined and Deceived: The Unexpected Costs of Revealing Final Deadlines in Negotiations

    • Presenter: Joseph P. Gaspar; Quinnipiac U.

    • Presenter: Redona Methasani; U. of Connecticut

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