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How Popular is Popularization Among Management Scientists? The Case of the Harvard Business Review

    Many management scholars regularly criticize the lack of practical relevance in management science and call for more popularization efforts in order to overcome this problem. Proponents of the relevance debate assume that management scholars are not interested in popularising scientific knowledge. This assumption is supported by the 'dominant view' of popularisation in the social studies of science: popularisation is seen as a one-way street from the field of science to the general public that does not contribute to the production of new knowledge and therefore does not enhance scientific reputation. In this view, popularising academic knowledge is unlikely to leave significant traces in the citation network of management science. Consequently, the popu-larisation of science is not popular among scientists. While this assumption is widespread, it has not been tested empirically so far. Using bibliometric methods, this article explores whether this view can be corroborated in the case of the most renowned popularisation medium in manage-ment science: the Harvard Business Review (HBR). The results of our bibliometric analysis of 231 articles that were published in the HBR in the years 1990, 1996, and 2002 show that this magazine’s role in the scientific network differs significantly from the traditional concept of pop-ularisation.

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