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Licensing Insights Content

Insights is an online magazine for managers and business leaders, published by the Academy of Management (AOM), the world’s preeminent professional association for management scholars. Founded in 1936, AOM has nearly 20,000 members today, from more than 120 countries.

Insights offers evidence-based, cutting-edge research findings from the world’s top management and organization scholars in easy-to-read summaries, based on articles from AOM's top-ranked publications.

About Insights

Insights is science, not speculation.


A content license gives you the ability to use Insights content unrestricted, beyond the boundaries of a traditional subscription. Here are just a few applications:

  • newsletters and emails
  • learning materials
  • training and career development
  • consulting
  • web sites

With a content license, we supply the content, you use it how you want. Insights currently has an exclusive content licensing agreement with the New York Times Licensing Group (NYTLicensing). For more information: https://nytlicensing.com/contact/


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Content topics

For businesses
Empower managers and business leaders to make better decisions.

Insights content gives your managers and C-suite executives the best-in-class, evidence-based research findings from the world's top-ranked management journals, all published by AOM. With licensed access to Insights summaries of AOM journal articles, as well as a library of infographics and videos, your management team will gain the tools they need to:

  • Boost their knowledge and advance their careers
  • Manage their staff and help their colleagues
  • Improve your bottom line

Insights transforms peer-reviewed, real-world research into actionable evidence for the workplace. Organizations licensing Insights content have multiple options to best suit their specific needs. Licensees can use Insights content to support organizational learning (HR models) and as tools for manager development and training. Content can be integrated with existing organizational software and email platforms.

For academic institutions
Empower teachers and students to boost learning.

For more than eight decades, AOM has been the premier resource for management and organization content. Recognized worldwide for our top journals, AOM now offers Insights as a tool to bridge the research-practice gap. Insights summaries of AOM journal articles, as well as infographics, and videos, serve educators and students with evidence-based content as a standalone or as part of scholarly articles. Insights enables institutions to:

  • Create custom course packs
  • Highlight the practical implications of traditional scholarly content
  • Show how to transform scholarly works into useful content for practitioners and media
  • Support teaching and learning with engaging multimedia
AOM Journals

Insights licensing gives your institution, including all campus locations, unique tools to engage all aspects of teaching and learning, progress through the field of research understanding, and most of all, engage your students.


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